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Outdoors Bring More PBA

Contact making seminar

12-17 March 2013 | Kuusamo, Finland

Organizer: CIMO National Agency of Youth in Action Programme in Finland (National Agency)
For 35 participants from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, YOUTH IN ACTION PROGRAMME COUNTRIES
Recommended for Youth workers, Youth leaders, Project managers
Working language(s): English

The activity brings together people who are interested in using outdoor activities as methods for learning in youth exchanges. It offers space for meeting partners, trying out methods and designing projects in snowy Northern Finland.

This is a Partner Building Activity using outdoor education as a tool; within the Youth in Action programme and in line with its priorities.

During this 5 day PBA an international group of youth workers will participate in outdoor methods that will be used as an experience to reflect upon.

These reflections will help the participants to understand better the educational approach of active methods. Over the course several moments will be used to establish links with theoretical frames in order to facilitate a good and profound understanding.

Later on the participants will have a chance to create outdoor methods themselves and try them on other participants. Learning building educational methods helps you to make your youth exchanges better and give your young people good learning experiences. During this training course, a variety of other methods will be used requiring active involvement of participants both in a physical and mental way!

The PBA is taking place in Kuusamo, on the edge of Lapland in Northern Finland. Oivanki Youth Centre will be the setting of the activity. March in Finland is still winter with deep snow. Winter activities will offer good experiences.

Participants will experience Outdoor Activities, where they will be challenged and challenge each other. An open & respectful attitude and the will to be challenged is highly requested from the participants.

Nature as a tool, outdoor tools & methods, group work, group dynamic exercises, individual & group reflections, self-assessment, theoretical analyses linked with the reality will account for the overall methods used during this PBA.

This training course targets youth workers, directly in contact with young people interested in using outdoor education and experiential learning as a tool for facilitating the learning process of their young people during their next Youth Exchange. Experience in outdoor education is not needed but the willingness to be challenged, to work outdoors and to organise a Youth Exchange is a must!

Participants should have at least 1-year experience working with groups, be minimum 18 years old and be able to speak and to work in English.

The Finnish National Agency of Youth in Action Programme will cover international participants' costs considering travelling to Finland, accommodation and meals during the activity and the activity costs. The participants are entitled to acquire a travel insurance, which will cover unused travel tickets in the situation when tickets are not used.
All applicants should apply directly through this website by clicking the Apply Now! button on the right. Email applications will not be handled.
The selected participants will get an email which explains them how to book the tickets and when and where to arrive. Booking of flight tickets will not require the use of participants own money. Local trips may need to be covered from own resources.
Sending participants to the activity will not cost anything for the sending National Agencies, we will cover all the international travel costs of the participants. We ask interested sending National Agencies to open the call in their country in good time and make the selection by the time provided. The Finnish National Agency will make the final selection of participants according to the availability of places.

Application deadline: 2013-02-05
Date of selection: 2013-02-20

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How to apply:
Description of application procedure for Hungarian applicants (please read it before applying):

Általános információk 2013.pdf

Note: Hungarian applicants are expected to apply on a Hungarian and on an English application form, too.

Hungarian application form:

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Application form in English:

For any questions or more information please contact:

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